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Waukesha 6SRKR, Waukesha 6SRL and Waukesha 6SRK engines
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        At we have been dealing with
gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines
        for over 60 years.        

Waukesha 6SRKR, Waukesha 6SRL and Waukesha 6SRK engines

        We are one of the few sources in the world for
        service parts for Waukesha 6SRKR, Waukesha
        6SRL and Waukesha 6SRK engines and
        spare parts.

        We have parts for all 4 variations of 6SR Series
        engines including the Waukesha 6SRKR, 6SRL,
        6SRK, and 6SRS

Waukesha 6SR engine






For our complete Waukesha diesel engine inventory click here
        From pistons, rings, rod and main bearings, to gasket  sets, oil pumps, water pumps, crankshafts,
        cylinder heads and other components and service parts for these engines we have them all!

        Our inventory changes daily -
call Mark or Jimmy now on 215-236-8500 or
        email for great deals on in-stock items

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