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Our Waukesha 145HK spent its life time in two different timber mills and had not run for fifteen years. Started it with our ICK engine and ran it up to temperature. Ran really well with clear exhaust but had a slight leak from water pump. Have put electric start on the old girl while the ICK is being refurbished. Also, the ICK had a modified carburetor which made it very hard to start and run properly. supplied the water pump and carburetor - no one else could help us! Thank you guys, it's much appreciated. Regards, Neville Edge, Antique Machine Collectors Club, Whangarei New Zealand. Waukesha 145HK Hesselman Water Pump Kit and ICK Carburetor Waukesha 145HK Hesselman Water Pump Kit and ICK Carburetor
I wanted to thank the guys at for helping me repair my Oliver 1550 tractor which has a Waukesha motor. This tractor has special meaning to me as it was my grandfather’s and also the first tractor that my wife ever drove. Knowing it had over heating issues, my father and I started the restoration and soon found problems with the cylinder head. I spent many hours phoning and searching for the correct casting number with a ‘no’ at every call. I was at the point of second guessing myself until I found I emailed a request thinking that I wasn’t going to get a reply but to my surprise I got a call from Mark saying he’d check if had one in stock that evening! The following morning he phoned to say he had one on the shelf! Mark was great, he followed up with calls and emails keeping me informed on the progress of cylinder head rebuild and had an answer to all my questions, even on a Saturday afternoon! Thank you, we are very pleased with your service. Jason and Renee Roy Cornish, Maine, USA. Waukesha Engine for Oliver 1550 Tractor
We were restoring a 1950`s Diamond T and found sourcing parts for the Hercules six Cylinder Engine in Australia almost impossible.
The guys at Jobbers where most helpful supplying us with all new Genuine parts for the rebuild including a Head, Pistons, Bearings, Valves and Gaskets.
Also when it came to accessories like Distributor Caps, Rotors and Thermostat Housings, they were able to supply.
It`s great to be able to get these parts, new off the shelf!
Bourkie and Rod, Kalgoorlie Western Australia.
Hercules engine Hercules engine
We bought a case 580 super D a few years ago and have put many man hours into rebuilding and restoring it. In doing so we have learned that it is sometimes hard to find parts for the rare 207 turbocharged motor that it has. When the fuel pump gave out I searched the internet and found Jobbers Inc. who had over 30 years experience with Roosa Master fuel systems. I called them up and talked to Mark who was extremely friendly and helpful. After talking to Mark, I sent my fuel pump and fuel injectors to be rebuilt. I had my parts back in no time. Now the backhoe is running perfect. She runs better than ever! Thanks Mark for all of your help.
J Bono
Roosa Master Fuel Pump Roosa Master Fuel PumpFuel separator
Was surfing the internet looking for a Detroit 6v71 and found had one in stock. Talked to Mark about the engine, ordered it and when it arrived I was very pleased because everything that Mark had said about the engine was correct. I also needed an engine for one our our blasting machines so went back to website and found they had a Detroit 8v92. Placed my order for this engine plus a twin disc pto that Jobbersinc were able to supply. Again the engine was exactly as Mark had described. It's now installed and performs great. sells good reliable engines & parts - thanks Mark and Jim for your honesty and service! Joseph Wertin, Mechanical Supervisor, Canada Clara Industrial Services Ltd, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Detroit 8V92 engine Detroit 8V92 engine Detroit 8V92
We have a 1964 Waukesha generator in a center that is important to our emergency preparedness. It has been well-maintained over the years and has functioned well. In the past year, the water pump began leaking and no one was able to find one or guarantee that it could be rebuilt. Through an internet search, we found Jobbers who had a brand new pump for our generator, along with the gaskets! Mark was able to get it to us, we had it installed and our generator is fully ready for service again. It was great to find such a part (brand new) that allowed us to keep our generator running and Mark and Jobbers were very helpful to us in finding the part, verifying that it was the right pump and getting it to us very quickly. Brian Trees, Director of Day Programs, Associated Catholic Charities/Gallagher Services, Timonium, MD, USA Waukesha 135DKU Engine Water Pump Waukesha 135DKU Engine Water Pump
This is the block fully assembled with new parts. The engine (Cummins Surplus Model NH-220) was test run at the FDD shop for 4 hours. First photo is it being lowered into the engine room of the R/V Athena. The second picture is of the R/V Athena. Many thanks, without your kind assistance this project would not have been possible.
Paul La Pointe, Athena Project Manager, Seaward Services U.S. Navy Subcontracting Company.
Cummins NH220 engine R/V Athena

Many thanks for your help in securing our new Waukesha engine. It is on-line and running great! I appreciate the time you took with my people and working with them to make a smooth transition. We look forward to dealing with you in the future - you are what you advertise and in today's business climate, that's rare.             Steve Hardesty, Supervisor, Kent Water Treatment Plant, City Of Kent

Waukesha F817G engine Waukesha F817G engine Waukesha F817G engine
Waukesha F817G at Kent Water Treatment Plant, City of Kent, USA

Finding parts for a Clark Air Dozer - C.A.1 built in 1943 has not been easy! The Dozers were designed small enough to fit into a glider, were landed behind Japanese lines in Borneo and used to build a runway enabling planes to bring in men & supplies to attack the Japs from the rear. The engine is a WAUKESHA FC1 510 & mine needed a total rebuild, requiring valves, springs, guides, pistons, liners etc. etc. I had tried many places & people without success until one of them suggested I try Off went my request & back came an immediate reply. Yes! they have all the parts & many more including a new crankshaft & con rods. The many parts were duly ordered & promptly delivered to my address in England. I'm also working on a 4 wheel steer Bantam BRC 40 with a Continental engine & Jobbers were able to supply many parts for this. During my dealings with Jobbers, I have asked many questions & sent many emails. All were promptly & efficiently answered - it's quite obvious that you guys know your stuff.......... Fred Smith, England

Clark Air Dozer  
I am very pleased that you could supply parts to service the 6BZ Waukesha in our (1946) Model 150 P & H Crane.

 This machine is over 60 years old now; perhaps with your good service we  can keep her running another 40 years!
Thank You
                                                                                              Mike Petersen, Petersen Blacksmith Shop, Byron, MN, USA
Waukesha 6BZ engineWaukesha 6BZ engine

My Wife and I decided to stop work in our 50’s and spend the next few years sailing. We bought a strong 1986 Aluminum hulled Yacht with a Perkins 4236 engine and spent over 2 years sailing from the Mediterranean across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and South America. The Boat went well but the only problem was fuel consumption which was getting worse and worse! The probable cause was the fuel injectors which had done over 5000 hours. Did an internet search and found who had the correct injectors in stock. Exchanged emails with Mark who was very helpful and replacement injectors arrived in Guatemala where the boat was moored much quicker than I expected! Now the engine is working well and Life Is Good for us! Thanks a lot Mark and good luck. Daniel & Jacline Gueppe

Perkins 4236 in yacht moored in Guatemala

THANK YOU! for taking the time to talk with me last night about the engine in my 1966 Seagrave fire truck - I have never had an experience with any type of "technical support" like I did last evening - you spoke in a way that I could easily understand, didn't make me feel stupid with some of my stupid questions, and took your time to help me figure out my Waukesha engine. Thanks for your terrific support & guidance - you've gained a customer for LIFE!

Gratefully, Phil Scott, USA

Seagrave Fire Truck fitted with Waukesha 145GZ Engine

When the engine in our 1930 Hahn antique pumper needed replacing, we were referred to  Our antique had a Waukesha 6SRKR engine, circa 1948.

During a call to Jobbers we found out that they had our required engine (Waukesha 6SRKR) in inventory.
  It was completely rebuilt for us to their high standards with new parts, including rings, pistons, crank shaft, bearings, oil pump, valves, water pump, gaskets, etc. and newly painted for delivery.

From start to finish Mark and Jim were professional and friendly, always giving us encouragement in this major undertaking.
  Both their knowledge and the fact that they had parts available in-house were just unbelievable.   No where else could we have found such service and parts. Our hats are off to!

Don McKay, Antique Truck Committee Chairman, Brandywine Hundred Fire Company No. 1, A Volunteer Organization, Bellefonte, Delaware.

Hahn fire pumper Hahn fire pumper engine Hahn fire pumper engine Hahn fire pumper engine

We appreciated your technical support and prompt reactions very much and can recommend – they are experts in diesel engine supply and support and are a great pleasure to do business with. We look forward to future dealings with you! Walter Oberste, Oberste GmbH, Germany

Cummins NTA885C engine Cummins NTA885C engineCummins NTA885C engine Cummins NTA885C engine Cummins NTA885C engine

We needed a new Scania engine for the SS Seepferdchen fishing vessel (the white ship in the picture). We looked far and wide for an engine at a reasonable price with no luck until we found on the web! Mark at Jobbers gave us a very competitive price and the DS 14M02 Marine Engine was delivered exactly as promised. It was much cheaper buying from Jobbers even with the overseas freight than buying from Scania. We can highly recommend Jobbers!
Joerg Brand, Engineer & President, Topmarin Consult GMBh, Luebeck, Germany

My friends told me that the parts for the Waukesha engine in my Case tractor would be impossible to find - it made me wish I hadn't bought the tractor in the first place! Then I found on the web and sent an email but still didn't think there would be much hope of getting the parts I needed. Amazingly I received a reply by return and thanks to you, I'm now well on the way to getting the tractor running again for the first time in 40 years! My friends in the tractor game still can't believe that you had the parts on stock! Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping me.  Garry Burbridge, Leeds, North Yorkshire, UK Waukesha engine in Case tractor Waukesha engine in Case tractor
We have an antique Boat engine with a 1945 Palmer Engine and needed a Carburetor rebuild. Looked everywhere to get it reconditioned with no success.
Engine was missing badly, several people recommended an engine rebuild but we sent the carburetor to Jobbers Warehouse & your company did a fabulous job reconditioning & testing the unit! Engine runs perfect & we are sailing again!
We highly recommend for their expertise, service & technical support!                

             Ralph Mellusi New York, NY, USA
Palmer engine Palmer engine Palmer engine Palmer engine
Waukesha 6SRKR Complete Remanufactured Fire Truck Engine Assy Fully Reconditioned by for Brandywine One Hundred Fire Dept Waukesha 6SRKR engine Waukesha 6SRKR engine
We want to thank the folks at Jobbers Inc. for all the help with our Perkins motor for our ASV 100 skid steer. The staff at Jobbers Inc. were incredibly helpful with our installation with plenty of patient advice and insightful tips for the project. A brand new motor expeditiously arrived, properly crated, and included all the accessories at a great price.
We are grateful to the staff at Jobbers Inc. for all the assistance over the phone for switching over all the running gear to
have this machine back online and running better than ever!!!
Denny King, Owner, Reliable Rentals, Petersburg, VA, USA
  ASV 100 Skidsteer motor
Wanted to say thank you for the service and help on the 4-71 Detroit I bought from you for the old Galion maintainer. It purr's like a kitten at idle and growls like a lion under load. I don't think it ever sounded this good. I would highly recommend your company to any potential new customers. Please have them call or email me if they want. You have my phone number and email. It was really nice the way you handled the transaction. You trusted me, as I did you and everything worked great. I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate being able to do business with an honest company whose service reminds me of yester-year. I mean that your word was your bond and you depended on service and integrity from the people you did business with. I bought this engine from you, and with your help got the right one with the proper accessories and placement of things like exhaust and blower for the job. You sent it across country to Wyoming and it was exactly as you described. I look forward to doing more business with you on a couple more projects, now that I have a good place to go for parts and fair pricing. Thank You.
                   Justin Inghram, Gillette, Wyoming USA

Detroit 4.71V engine Detroit 4.71V engine 
City Of Miami Waukesha 140 GZB Engine Overhaul, Short Block And Cylinder Heads purchased from Jobbers Inc, Magneto, Carburetor. Waukesha 140 GZU Surplus new short block assembly

Waukesha 140 GZB engine Waukesha 140 GZB engine Waukesha 140 GZB engine Waukesha 140 GZB engine Waukesha 140 GZB engine
The Waukesha re-build of the L5792DSU went very well, the customer (a major offshore oil company) was very pleased with the end result. We are thankful of the support of Jobbers, due to these engines no longer being supported by the OEM. Jobbers have become the one stop shop.
Ricky Burtonshaw, Bartech, Essex, UK

I called up Jobbersinc for information regarding a part on their website. I am a novice mechanic and wanted to ask a few questions about my Perkins 4.108 boat engine, so I asked the person on the phone if he had a minute. He was busy so he asked me if he could call me back in two minutes, I said sure. A couple minutes later I got a phone call from the guy I'd been talking to and it turned out it was Mark, the owner. Before we had hung up the first call I'd made it clear that I was not looking to buy anything so this was simply a call to help me out with understanding what was wrong with my motor and how I could address the situation. Mark was clear and concise and kind on the phone and took my complicated description in stride. We talked in detail about how much money it might cost me to rebuild my motor and what options I might have going forward. I said I had an eye on a replacement engine for a pretty cheap price and had what I thought was an engine number. He said I could send it to him and he'd look it up for me. I asked him some questions I'd had in my head for months regarding the correct compression on my motor which I had tried to repair myself. I was relieved to hear an expert give me the answer I needed after a lot of searching and reading forums online and going in circles. This was a great example of good customer service. I recommend Jobbersinc for their honesty and straight forward approach to good customer service - especially when their wasn't even a dollar in it for them. Highly recommended.
Joe Taylor, USA

In rebuilding my tip turbine motor for an RD model Mack, parts were hard to come by. While searching for an injection pump, I came across Jobbers Inc. After calling and talking with Mark, he was able to get me one. Mark was extremely helpful;, accommodating and provided very competent service. As promised, before shipment, I received pictures of how everything was packaged and shipment arrived on time. A man true to his word, I highly recommend Jobbers Warehouse for all your diesel needs.
Kevin Coleman, Maryland
  RD Model Mack
Just wanted to say what a great vendor you guys have been. I had a rare water pump blow on my 1970 International Harvester engine that powers a 70k Onan Generator. I found Jobbers Inc. online and ended up speaking to Mark Talacki (owner). Not only did he have the part but, it was also ready to ship. Understanding that we could not have this generator down for very long, Mark shipped the package overnight during the weekend even though they were closed for business. Mark truly showed outstanding customer service! Thanks again Jobbers Inc.
Zakary Bortz, Villa Healthcare, Orchard Lake, MI
  Water Pump 1970 International Harvester Engine
We ( Joplin Missouri Fire Dept.) have been resurrecting our old Peter Pirsch and sons 1939 100’ senior aerial tiller truck, and could not find a replacement water pump for the 145 GK, Waukesha engine anywhere, until we found Mark was extremely helpful throughout the process, we were trying to meet commitments for an appearance in the city’s Veterans Day Parade, Marks turnaround time on shipping and pricing were great. The remanufactured original pump was flawless. Thank You for making this happen when we had almost given up on finding one.
Bruce Thomasson, Villa Healthcare, Joplin Fire Dept. MO
  Peter Pirsch and sons 1939 100 senior aerial tiller truck

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