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The Waukesha Engine line meets virtually every power demand. With higher technology components, Waukesha engine designs meet modern demands for higher speed and power without sacrificing durability. Waukesha engines and Waukesha generator sets can be installed indoors or out, in new or existing buildings

At Jobbersinc.com we have been dealing with Waukesha engines and Waukesha engine parts for over 60 years.

We have new Waukesha in-line 6 and V8 engines, Waukesha fuel systems, and Waukesha engine parts. Our inventory of Waukesha engines and generator sets are available at wholesale prices. We also specialize in hard to get obsolete Waukesha engines, parts, castings, heads, cranks, blocks, fuel pumps and injectors, water pumps, manifolds - all your hard to find Waukesha engine parts requirements

We'll give you knowledgeable, friendly, professional service at competitive pricing to keep you in business. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who use us - give us a call now on 215 236 8500 or email info@jobbersinc.com - we’re here to help!

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